At Autograph we innovate continually to develop solutions for our clients and we are always looking to enhance the client service we offer. From digital signage to smart apps for customer feedback, customer interaction has never been simpler!

We have our very own innovations team that have developed Autograph’s very own technology for our highly intuitive and advanced till systems, including smart loyalty cards with five different ways to pay.

Truly a front runner in the marketplace, Autograph has a bespoke solution that will undoubtedly benefit your restaurant.

Energy Management... iCarbon

When it comes to our environmental and ethical credentials, it’s not just the sustainability of our food that has our focus. Using the skills and expertise of our technical colleagues we also set ourselves apart from other caterers by providing a full range of integrated energy services that allow us to jointly manage a kitchen’s (or kitchens’) energy use and carbon emissions. We work with our clients to help reduce running costs and lower their carbon footprint. Alongside the other environmental services we offer, such as water and waste management, our iCarbon solution delivers a comprehensive package of services we’ve designed to deliver a more sustainable future for our clients.